ECommerce Masterclass

This masterclass will show you how you can optimise the latest digital marketing techniques while also retaining customer loyalty across all touchpoints. Address key challenges and learn from our experts while also gaining fresh ideas on all things E-Commerce.

Personalisation and Consumer Engagement Masterclass

With advances in messaging technology, sophisticated online experiences and custom emails, this masterclass will give you all that is needed to deliver effective personalisation and high consumer engagement across multiple platforms.

PR and Branding Masterclass

This Masterclass will be packed full of helpful tools, detailed strategies and great ideas which will support any branding and PR plan for any business. If you are in charge of communications or a brand's promotional plan then this session is for you!

Understanding Your Buyers Behavior Masterclass

In this current climate, it's not enough to only know what customers you're targeting. You also need to know how they move through the decision-making process pre and post-purchase and who has an influence on this process. This masterclass will provide you with all the tools you need to be at the top of your customer behaviour game and increase sales.