Bal Bansal

Coca-Cola European Partners

A Senior Lean, Innovation & Digital leader who has experience in ensuring ideas generated and shared, have an opportunity to develop and deliver business results using Lean Start-up principles. Bal believes the key ingredients for success include - having the right people, well defined process and a clear purpose.

As a certified Lean Sigma Black Belt, he holds extensive knowledge and experience in delivering projects and programmes of work using Lean and Six Sigma principles in Europe, Asia and North America.

Bal has also been a keynote speaker at many high-profile events, where he is always keen to share with others his knowledge and experiences, and extracts from his written work including, ‘How Not to Innovate’ and his monthly Linkedin posts.

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Sales Innovation - Customer is Always Right

In this modern world, where we hear digital is everything, are we still listening to the customer, and are we taking into account what they want and how they want it. That’s the only way we can drive sales. With examples of what we’ve done to really drive sales, by listening to the customers.