Michael Scantlebury


In 2009 Michael founded award winning agency Impero as an innovative, risk taking digital, creative agency. Designed to do one thing and one thing only – return tired brands to ‘Fame & Glory’. First founded in London, Impero has now expanded into Latin America with its second office in Buenos Aires. 

Michael fundamentally believes much of what brands are doing in the digital sphere is wasteful, because they’ve been blindsided by vanity metrics. At Impero they harness to power of digital to grow brands with a consumer centric approach – leaving the competition to waste their money chasing measurements and engagement rates.

Michael is also director to the UK''s first dedicated LIVE social content agency, Live & Wired. Set up in April 2017, the agency ideates and produces live social content to create ideas that consumers want to engage with.

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How to Make Branded Content People Actually Care About

With 4.6 billion pieces of content produced daily, by consumers, brands, and everyone in between, it has become a necessity to understand what makes fundamentally great content, that lands with our respective audience, builds brand equity, and ultimately shifts the dial in terms of business sales. In his usual abrasive style, Michael explores the three fundamental points of interactive content and what engages users online that so many brands miss.