Keynote Theatre

Keynote Theatre: Sponsored By Five CRM

Tuesday 28th March

Wednesday 29th March


10.15 - 10.45

Marialena Zinopoulou

Online Tools for Customer Social Media and Competitor Analysis

A brief run through some of the best tools for digital marketing planning including social media analysis, target audience profiling and competitor analysis. We will cover tools for SEO, keyword analysis and social media sentiment and influence.


11.00 - 11.30

Jason Miller

Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs a Reality Check

Marketers have been operating under a false pretense regarding their audience''s ability to concentrate for longer than 8 seconds. calf this the Myth of the Goldfish. In this keynote, I''ll debunk the myth and reveal how changes in society''s ability to multi-task are transforming how companies should approach their content marketing strategy. It''s time to start thinking in terms of brains over budget, doing more with less, thinking extravagantly and creatively to double down on what''s working.


11.45 - 12.15

Merinda Peppard

Top 10 Tips for B2B Marketing Automation Success

Your guide Merinda Peppard, EMEA Marketing Lead for Salesforce Pardot, will show you the path to B2B marketing success. Join her in this session to learn 10 actionable steps to creating a B2B marketing machine that drives sky-high ROI. You’ll get a glimpse into how Salesforce runs it’s own Marketing Automation, including how we manage lead generation, increase the speed of the funnel, and drive sales and marketing alignment.


12.30 - 13.00

Dr Dave Chaffey

Taking your Marketing Automation to the next level

Many businesses aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunities of Marketing Automation to increase lead volume and quality. In this practical session bestselling author Dave Chaffey will explain how you can review your current marketing automation maturity and help you prioritise your future investment in the year ahead. Dave will use B2B examples of the latest techniques from different sectors to inspire you to improve your approach.


13.15 - 13.45

Jeremy Waite

The Future of B2B Marketing Will Build Itself

The marketing industry and customer behavior is likely to change more over the next 5 years than it has over the last 20. This creates both a huge challenge for businesses and a significant opportunity for those who are the most prepared. This keynote will focus on the most important technology shifts and what businesses should do to futureproof their organisations.


14.00 - 14.30

Sherilyn Shackell

Whose Life Is It Anyway

It’s easy to assume that the responsibly for developing your career sits with your employer. After all, they made the promises of a golden future, promotion prospects, training and development, right? Wrong. There is only one person truly responsible for your future and that’s you… Sherilyn Shackell is part business leader, talent developer, marketer and head-hunter and she’ll give tips on how to take your future in your own hands, provide practical advice about managing your career and give guidance on achieving your full potential.


14.45 - 15.15

Simon Hall

How to target and engage the C-Suite

Engaging senior executives or C-suite within customers can lead to more strategic conversations, longer-term relationships, broader sales opportunities , as well as allowing vendors to catch prospects and customers much early on in their purchase decision cycles; so why is it that many businesses still today only focus their marketing efforts on prospects and customers via their business decision makers or IT and technical stakeholders rather than at an executive level. This seminar looks into the subject of C-suite marketing covering challenges as well as marketing approaches for identifying, targeting and engaging the executive level decision makers.


15.30 - 16.00

Chris Marr

Becoming a connector: Why business networking is wasting your time

You probably spend a lot of time attending networking events. Everyone else is doing it, so it makes sense that you should do it too. Right? But what if you never had to attend another business networking event? In this session I’ll share with you the strategies I have used to grow a thriving global network and strengthen my connections with people that I like and trust the most.


16.15 - 16.45

The Content Marketing Association

2020 - The future of B2B Content Marketing

The CMA are bringing together a panel of the UK''s leading experts to discuss the most pressing issues in the world of content marketing for 2017. Audience members will have a unique opportunity to join in with the debate, and ask questions directly to the panel members. The panel includes David Goodall, MD at Havas Media International, Sam Gallagher, Client Services Director at Progressive Content, Sean King, CEO at Seven and Russ Lidstone, CEO at The Moment